Wherever Life May Take Me

I am someone who likes to plan things and I hate that some things just don’t go according to how I planned it, but that’s how life is. It surprises you.

These past couple of years has been very challenging, full of lessons, met amazing people, did things I never thought I could do. It’s been a roller coaster ride. And yes, they weren’t planned at all.

Now, I am letting go. Letting go of things I can’t control. Letting go of the pressures that I put on myself. Letting go doubt. Letting go of hate. Letting go of the pain that I’ve been keeping inside me. Letting go of whatever is negative. I will embrace positivity instead.

Honestly, it’s been a struggle for me. One moment, I am pumped up and motivated about life. And next thing I know, I am depressed. It’s a constant battle inside my head. It may seem like a hard battle to win, but I’m willing to give it a good fight.

Wherever life may take me, I’m ready. I made it this far, I can’t give up now.

I am looking forward for what’s in store for me. Good things, I hope. But we shall see. 😉

Your thoughts?