What Makes A Person First and Last in Our Society?

In our society today, you are considered as first if you are successful in regards to career, have a good income, a nice house, a car and everything that life has to offer. On the other hand, you are considered as last when you have nothing to offer to everybody, have nothing to call yours, have nothing to please everyone, “walang narating sa buhay”, not educated, “isang kahig, isang tuka”, not having something that others have like high – tech gadgets and more. And lastly when you are considered as last when you don’t know God at all. Because even though life is hard, if you have God to depend on, everything seems to be easy. Nothing can tear you apart and nothing is impossible.

While in Jesus’ eyes, He doesn’t label us as first or last because we are very important to Him. But if we look at the better things, like for example when we have a good life – having everything and still willing to share wholeheartedly to help others who are in need and less fortunate without expecting something in return is actually a very good deed and can please God but still He doesn’t consider us or these acts as way of making us a first or last placer in His eyes because even though some people are poor and have nothing to offer but still they are blessed with God’s grace and mercy in many ways such as having a good health, good heart that is still willing to help someone in need even though they have nothing but still expecting nothing in return and trusting God with all their lives, hearts and souls. And also another example of God doesn’t label us as  first and last  is this: even though criminals who constantly steal, hurt and kill someone God is still willing to forgive and accept everyone wholeheartedly.

Photo grabbed from: The Lutheran Column

It’s just that we all have our very own journey that makes us different but we all have the same destination… which is knowing God through ups and down. Even though someone knows about Him first, it doesn’t matter if you knew Him last as long as we are still alive and well. It will never be too late because He is just waiting for us with wide open arms. God gives His love, all of His love, to every person without exception if they open themselves to His love. It does not matter whether that happens early or late in life as this love can never be earned, only accepted. The fact that the latecomers were only employed at the last hour does not make their needs any less than those who came earlier.

Your thoughts?