Today, I Am Thankful For…

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. So, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! I started this Thankful For… series a while ago but I kind of got busy and forgot to make posts religiously.

Despite whatever chaos is going on in the world right now, there’s always something to be thankful for, no matter how little. So please allow me to share with you all the things I am thankful for today.

Look for the hidden blessings in every day.


Today, I am thankful for…

  1. The new people I work with. For welcoming me and helping me every step of the way in this new journey.
  2. The strangers that became my friends. Those random people I interacted online became a big part of my life now. Thank you!
  3. My family. For never questioning my decisions in life and for always supporting me in whatever I do.
  4. My boyfriend. Also for never questioning my decisions and supporting me in whatever I do, and for understanding my crazy mood swings. I love you.
  5. My clients. For trusting me with your needs. Rest assured that I will do my best to help you address your needs.

I know there are times that it’s really hard to see the positive side of things, especially with this pandemic we have right now. But try to look around you. If you still have food to eat, you still have work, you have a roof over your head… then you are very blessed than most people now. Appreciate that and be grateful.

I truly believe in law of attraction, what you think starts a vibration that influences how you feel, impacts what you attract and creates your reality.

So… what are you thankful for today?

Your thoughts?