The Heart of Asia

Last December, I redeemed two roundtrip tickets to Taipei in Taiwan with AirAsia using my BIG Loyalty points. So it was basically free, and who doesn’t love free trips, right?

Yours truly in one of the many streets in Taipei, waiting for a bus.

I did everything on my own; from planning, budgeting, making a detailed itinerary, booking tickets (for Taipei 101 and Maokong Gondola Ride) and etc.

What’s the use of being a tour coordinator if I don’t use my knowledge (and skills) on my own trips, right?

I will be sharing with you our itinerary and some tips in another post. But honestly, we were not able to visit everything on our list due to lack of time. I feel like 3 days are not enough to explore Taipei (and nearby towns) on your own, but we are happy and contented with the places we were able to visit.

I guess if we chose to avail a tour package from travel agencies, it would have been enough (or more than enough) since we will be able to save time from looking for the right bus or train to get to our destinations. But since we are on a budget, we decided to do it on our own. During our first day, we got lost many times. But if you are street smart and not afraid to ask the locals (although it was challenging in this case because not all locals can speak and understand English). We did that and used the help of Google Map as well, and we survived!

Google Map helped at some point but it was also the reason why we were lost most of the time. We were so tired and we felt like our feet was going to give up on us at that time, but we just laughed at it and carry on.

Read about our detailed itinerary and expenses for our Taiwan trip here.

When we decided to do this trip on our own, we already expected that we will get lost. A lot. That made the trip more fun though.

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