Singapore – Crazy Expensive but Worth It

Singapore was the first out of the five countries in our itinerary. The moment we set foot in Changi Airport, we’re already amazed. From the airport, we took the Shared Changi Airport Transfers (SIN) for Singapore Hotels which I booked before the trip for ₱350.00 per person. While on our way to our hotel, I was blown away as to how organized the traffic (and everything else) was in Singapore and it’s just clean everywhere. So amazing!

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This whole trip was planned and organized by me. The itinerary was also arranged by me.

Unlike our Taiwan trip, we didn’t get lost much in Singapore. Everyone mostly speak English, so it’s easy to ask the locals and you can look up online which bus and train to get that will take you to your destination(s).

Singapore's EZ-Link Card

For our convenience, we bought EZ-Link cards at a 7-Eleven for 10 SGD with 5 SGD load in it. Having this card is so convenient because we use it for our buses and MRT rides. When it runs low, you can just top it up at 7-Eleven or at the train stations.

On our first day, our first destination was Merlion Park. Then took a bus from there to Gardens by The Bay (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest). That was it, but we were so tired. We got lost a little on our way to Merlion Park and a lot of walking was involved, but it was a great experience. The only problem that time was, it was a very sunny day.

The next day, we were in Universal Studios the whole day and boy… we enjoyed it a lot! I’m not a fan of roller coaster rides, but I was pressured by them so I was like, “Alright! We’re already here, why not just go for it!” 

We survived Singapore by eating convience store food, mostly. We were on a budget, don’t blame us. That was the only food we can afford there. If we stayed longer, we’d be dead.

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