Qualities of A Good Friend

We all value friendship because it is one of the most important things you can get out of life. Good friends are people with whom you can talk to and trust with your secrets. They are the people you could be with in up’s and down’s of life. Every person is a new door to a different world.

The real definition of friendship isn’t identified because it is within you and we all have different perception of it.

And now I’m going to tell you the Qualities of A Good Friend that me, myself and I witnessed.


  • Fight for you. A good friend doesn’t want his/her friend left behind. Like Luffy of One Piece used to say “if you are in trouble and so as I”. And another F for Fool, friendship without bullying or joking around isn’t worth spending time but on the other hand upon enjoying in stressing out someone we must have limitations and be considerate of each others feelings.
  • Reliable. A trustworthy friend is worth keeping. You get to tell each other’s secret knowing that your secret is safe. People who badmouth and blackmail each other is not a friend but a nuisance.
  • Impartial. A real friend must not support another friend in an argument without knowing the other side of the story. Instead, what a real friend should do is helping one another to reconcile as soon as possible to keep the relationship going, you must know how forgive each other.
  • Empowers you for new knowledge and Enlightens or Encourage you to explore beyond your limits. Because as what this sayings say “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” – you get to know and acquire new things from them.  A good or bad influence friends are friends when they consider you as a friend too.
  • Neighborly. Has the characteristic of a good neighbor, especially helpful, friendly, or kind. Because when you are the one who’s in need you can count on them. Neighborly because when you all visit your friend’s house you get the feeling that this is your house too but not in the nasty and arrogant way, you feel comfortable around them and you can spend a whole night bubbling around without minding what time is it.
  • Devoted.  Willing to do the things that will make you happy. Example, they even surprised me in my birthday’s which made me feel important to them and reminds me that I am part of these circle of friends.
  • Sarcastic. In a good way that could make all of you laugh until your stomach aches. Supports you. You all know why, no need to explain hahahha.

Friends, seven letters but has a lot of meaning for me. I couldn’t list all of the qualities but i am pretty sure that all of you, know what are the qualities a good friend must possess. Because all of us have friends right? Remember, no man is an island.

P.S. for my friends out there who are not in the picture, please don’t be mad. You all know how much I treasured all of you.

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who came and never left.”

How about you? What are the qualities of your friends that you love?

Are we the same?

2 thoughts on “Qualities of A Good Friend”

  1. FRIENDS come and go. But the real ones are those who would stick by you through thick and thin, through joys and sorrows. And they offer unconditional love and support – even if you do not keep in touch with them as often as you do with your other close friends.

    That is what True Friendship is all about.

    1. I truly agree jesper. Erica, continue to do the things you love with your friends. Enjoy life while you were still young!

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