November Savings Challenge

I can’t believe that we are halfway through November already. Where did the time go? Anyway… The last five (or six) months has been very challenging. I almost got to the point where I want to give up, and yet I’m still here! That’s probably a good thing.

Speaking of challenge, I did a savings challenge for this month. Two challenges actually. It’s my way of rebuilding my savings and to also gather funds to pay the debts I accumulated when the unfortunate event happened six months ago.

Philippine money
The New Generation Currency banknotes, in current circulation. Photo grabbed from:

Doing a savings challenge is fun. It actually made me more frugal. Ever since I started doing the savings challeng, I didn’t want to spend a single peso on anything (except for my family’s groceries and other needs). I even planned no-spend weekends for the month but that’s for another blog post, I think. LOL

On the left side, it’s my November Savings Challenge 1. For this challenge, I will save 1 peso on November 1. Meaning, you will save that certain amount according to what date it is. 2 pesos on November 2 and so on. If you continue to do this until end of the month, you will get 465 pesos!

November Savings Challenge 2 (on the right side) is easy during the first half of the month. It will get harder at the end of the month as it requires bigger amount per day. Basically, it’s an increment of 5 pesos per day. On November 1st, you will save 5 pesos and on the following day you will save 10 pesos, which means you have saved 15 pesos already on that 2 days. 5 x the date = amount to save for that day and then add what you saved from the previous days.

So far, I’ve done well for the first 15 days. We’ll see how it goes. If I am able to complete this challenge, I will get a total of 2,325 pesos. Ka-ching!

I sell prepaid loads (credits) for both Globe and Smart networks. Getting load sales everyday enables me to do these challenges. It’s one of my side hustles.

By the way, I should have made a spreadsheet for this but I am more comfortable writing down notes than typing. It’s easier for me to track things this way while using a spreadsheet will make me forget about the challenges I am doing. But that’s just me.

Your thoughts?