My Mental State of Mind During This Pandemic

How are you doing during this pandemic? I hope you’re safe, have enough food to eat, and most especially you’re with your family and the people you care and love so much. As for me, I’m glad that we’re safe. Although I worry from time to time if we have enough food to last until this quarantine situation is over, and I guess because of this (and some other things), my mental state of mind isn’t looking good.

I’m an overthinker. I overthink about the smallest thing, especially if it’s something that concerns my family or the people dear to me.

Lately, my greatest worry is me and my dad not having an income due to the quarantine. Our line of work are both considered as non-essential, so we’re stuck at home. Mostly thinking of ways how to survive. I am not complaining, I’m just expressing my worries. I know we are fortunate than most people right now, but I just can’t help but worry, you know.

The uncertainty about everything frustrates me too. We don’t know until when are we going to be like this, how long are we going to be out of jobs, how long can our economy sustain all this, are we going to recover from all these damages, a possibility of second wave of cases, recession, my relationship with my long distance boyfriend, and a lot more goes through my head all day long.

I have to drag myself to get up every single day since all this started. I don’t even know how I opened my blog today and started writing this post.

Please forgive me if I don’t sound so positive lately. It’s been really hard. It all happened so fast, next thing we know we are locked (and safe) at home. But I am trying my best to do my duties, look after my family and loved ones from time to time, and trying to not be so hard on myself because this is obviously out of my control.

I also want to take this opportunity to think everyone from the frontline for doing everything they do to fight this pandemic. You are all in our prayers, every single. I hope this all ends so you too can go home to your family.

Let’s all stay strong! Stay safe, everyone!

Your thoughts?