My Healing

Last 2017, I was feeling unhappy about myself. Let’s just say I was still in the process of healing myself from recent unfortunate events with my family. Out of nowhere, I decided to get a haircut. The most daring haircut I ever did in my life.

Most of my friends and relatives couldn’t believe what I did. They thought I was crazy. Maybe I was. I took out my frustration through my hair. People just didn’t understand me, no one did. My father wasn’t happy with what I did, but it was already done so there’s nothing he can do.

I did not regret it though. As a matter of fact, it felt great. Short hair doesn’t require so much maintenance, my showers were so much shorter, and it was so much easier to maintain. I don’t have to look after my hair most of the time. That’s what I miss about my manly haircut.

The only thing I don’t like when my hair was super short was when people assume I’m a guy. Like going grocery shopping and the cashier called me “sir” or “boss”. I know it’s not their fault. It’s not much of a big deal though, I just laugh when people call me that. They would apologize when they hear my voice, because I still sound like a woman even though I looked like a man.

Now that my hair is long again, the struggles has begun. Showers are longer, requires a LOT of conditioner, combing requires a lot of patience. Long hair is a struggle itself, but having a curly long hair is a different level.

People are usually surprised to see that I have curly hair. People have always seen me with straight hair, but that wasn’t really my natural hair. When I cut my hair, I pledged to keep my natural curly hair for as long as I can, for a change. So far, so good!

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  1. I gotta say I prefer the short hair. Long hair is nice, sexy but there’s just something about short-haired women that attracts me.

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