My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist

I am not someone who likes to shop mindlessly because there are a lot of things to consider before I spend my own money. Responsibilities. *shrugs*

Sometimes I do like to buy something for myself too, but most of the time, I end up not buying anything for myself because I can’t help but think of my family’s needs. So I end up buying groceries instead. This happened too many times. LOL

Wishlist Notepad

I really like writing things down. It’s been my habit since high school. I ended up making a list of things I want to buy even though I know I won’t be buying them in the end anyway.

Man… Where did the time go? It’s almost December. Christmas is just around the corner and also my birthday. My birthday is on December 30th, by the way. 😉

Michael Faudet’s books

Michael Faudet's books

I’ve been following Michael’s social media account for a while now and this guy posts snippets of his works and they intrigue me. I want to read the whole thing, but when I checked how much one book costs… I know I just can’t buy it even if I can and want to.

His books are:

  • Dirty Pretty Things – 2014 = ₱595.00 ($11.35 USD)
  • Bitter Sweet Love – 2016 = ₱595.00 ($11.35 USD)
  • Smoke & Mirrors – 2017 = ₱595.00 ($11.35 USD)
  • Winter of Summers – 2018 = ₱755 ($14.40 USD)


GoPro Hero 7 Black

I thought it would be nice to have a GoPro whenever I travel (especially next year) and when I’m working as a tour guide. Easier to carry than a DSLR camera. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a GoPro Hero 7, any GoPro will do. I was even looking for a second-hand GoPro for sale, online.

And again, we come down to its cost. The GoPro Hero 7 Black is at $399.99 USD or ₱20,962.57. T_T


For a while, I’ve been wearing jeans and shirts or shorts and shirts. But recently, I just realized I don’t have a decent dress or skirt. For a change, I want to be a girly girl and wear dresses and skirts. I can’t help but giggle when I imagine myself wearing a dress or a skirt.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Sneakers

I’ve always wanted a Converse sneakers. I feel like it will go with any outfit you wear. 😀

Office Swivel Chair

I work from home and I really want to feel comfortable when working. As of the moment, I am using a monobloc chair. It’s getting uncomfortable as days pass by. I find myself complaining with back pain at the end of everyday. I’m not sure if having a decent chair will help though. So we’ll see.

Sports Bra

I’m fond of running lately and I realized one needs a comfortable sports bra. LOL!


And at the end of it all, gorceries! Our monthly budget for our groceries is ₱6,000 ($115 USD) or ₱1,500 ($30 USD) a week. But life’s been really tough lately which made us tighten our belt. From ₱6,000 a month, it has become ₱1,500 to ₱2,000 ($30 to $40 USD) a month. Man, it’s so hard to budget that amount for a big family like ours. So it’d be nice if I get a better budget for our groceries this Christmas season, but I’m not pressuring myself very much. I’ll just work on whatever I have. Better than nothing, right?

What’s your Christmas wishlist?

Your thoughts?