My 2019 Highlights

Here we are, almost two weeks into 2020. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if I should post this… 2019 was both good and bad for me. I traveled to some Asian countries like I’ve always wanted, gained new experiences, widen my outlook in life. But also I lost a friendship, my boyfriend lost members of his extended family, I made some bad decisions with my personal finances. But above all, I learned.

I learned that life is what you make it. Good and bad experiences are there in order for us to grow. Life is beautiful, no matter what. At some point in our lives, we will look back and appreciate all the things we’ve been through.

Anyway… If you’re interested, let me take you on my 2019 journey. Sit back and relax! 😉

My first winter experience

Taiwan was my dream destination even when I was a kid. I was hooked to Taiwanese dramas back then and I remember telling myself, I’ll visit Taiwan someday. Up to this very day, I still can’t believe I did just that. It was also my first winter experience, minus the snow. It was so cold for this girl from the tropics. My whole life, the coldest I’ve experienced was probably 20 to 21°C. Imagine experiencing below that… the lowest temperature when we were there was probably 13°C and boy, how I loved it. It was amazing!

Asian backpacking for 15 days

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I wasn’t sure we would be able to pull it off, but we did! What an experience it all was! We started our journey in Singapore then we crossed the border to Malaysia by bus and we stayed for a few days in Kuala Lumpur, then off we go to Thailand. We took the sleeper train which took roughly 16 hours to get to Bangkok from Hat Yai Junction Railway Station. Then off we go to Cambodia (stayed in Siem Reap for 3 days and Phnom Penh for just a day) and then Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City). Vietnam was our last country.

Met an online friend in person for the first time after how many years

Jes is the only guy in the photo.

Me and Jes has been friends online for years, but it was the first time we met in flesh. It was great finally meeting him. Such a sweet, caring, and generous friend. Thank you, Jes, for all the treats! It was highly appreciated. I wish to meet more of my online friends in person someday.

My brother is off to University!

I still can’t believe that I have a University student now! I have high hopes for you, brother. Please, study well and don’t waste this opportunity that I failed to have for myself.

First international trip by myself

First week of December 2019, I went back to Taiwan on my own. The trip was more relaxed compared to my first visit. I was just exploring Taipei and didn’t go to touristy spots like the first trip. The trip was more of a reward for myself more than anything else, for not giving up with my life after everything that happened in 2018 and 2019. It’s really liberating to go solo sometimes. I learned a lot about myself and reflected a lot about my life.

2019 was such a wild ride and hopefully 2020 will be more smooth sailing not only for me, but for all of us. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead.

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  1. That was indeed a lovely summary of your 2019. And thank you for putting me into your “exclusive” report. It was amazing meeting up with you and the gang. You ladies were simply lovely. Every hour, minute and second spent with you all will go down in my history books.

    Didn’t know you went to Taiwan again (solo this time) in December. Came as a big surprise to me when I actually read it. Guess you kept it under wraps from everyone, no?

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