I Repeat My Clothes, so What?

Someone pointed out to me the other day that she noticed I wore the same shirt again. Well, it’s not really a problem because it’s true. What bothered me was her judgmental tone and look. I feel ridiculed, made fun of, that I am so small, like I am nothing… just because I repeated the same shirt. I did not bother explaining myself anymore to her, the damage has been done.

Yes, I wore the exact same shirt days ago but I washed it and wore again few days later. What’s wrong with that? Were you hassled by my shirt or by me? What’s the big deal? Ever heard of minimalism? *rolls eyes*

Photo grabbed from nocamels.com

Just for the sake of this topic and for those who don’t know… I am trying to practice minimalism. I had a look at my closet and I saw how many clothes I don’t wear or not comfortable wearing anymore, so I decided to give most of my clothes away and keep a few shirts, pants, and skirts that I would still wear.

Let’s accept it, most Filipinos are hoarders. Not all, but most! Ukay-ukay here, ukay-ukay there… Sale here, sale there… they buy things just because it’s on sale but they don’t even need or will use such things. It will just be inside a cabinet and will collect dusts over time.

I’m at the point in my life where I just want peace of mind. And in order for me to have that peace of mind that I so wanted, I have to declutter. Not just in material things, but in relationships too.

Anyway, the point of this post is to express myself. Part of decluttering, I guess. I was hurt that I feel judged and made fun of by a friend just because I repeated a shirt that I am comfortable wearing.

I wish everyone would be more watchful of what comes out of their mouths. It may be nothing to you, but you have no idea that you are already hurting someone around you. I’m sorry for making such a big deal about it, but I do really wish people would show more empathy. Imagine what a nice world it would be!

1 thought on “I Repeat My Clothes, so What?”

  1. Now you understand why I say humans are the most complicated and problematic beings on Earth? And speaking of declutterring, may I suggest you declutter your friend too? After all, as minimalists, we declutter relationships and friendships as well. To those who judge us, this is what Minimalism is about. Accept it.

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