I Realized – A Free Verse Poem About God’s Unconditional Love

When my hopes fade,

and my dreams die.

And I find no answer

By asking why.


But I still hold on to my faith

even though the light is starting to fade.

Because God is just,

He never makes mistakes.


When the darkest days comes

and I felt like needing home.

You let me know that if distressed,

You will always give me rest.


When life seems unfair

You enlightened me by ceasing my despair.

You lift my heart up with your love,

Showering blessings from above.


No matter what the world may say,

You will always find a way to make us stay.

You never let us leave from your sight

because you are our guiding light.


Even though some times

People say “they’re busy

And have no time to pray”

Even just for a day – the Sabbath day.


Yet we spend time sitting

With holding and in front of the screen

Playing, chitchatting, surfing

-You all know what I mean.


So many  hours

Are wasted each week,

When we could be praying

For the answers we seek.


Why is it so hard for us to set aside time?

And choose to be lazy – like anytime.

We have to overcome this boredom.

To be welcome in the kingdom.


For what we have now will one day vanish,

no one can ever tell how long we can finish.

This life full of mysteries

yet showered with God’s eternal blessings.


The Lord never promised us that our life would be easily lived,

What he did promise was that his love for us would be easily conceived.


For Every precious moment,

Heaven’s blessings we claim,

Since our victories in battles,

Have been won in Jesus‘ name.

(1 John 5:4)

Your thoughts?