I Chopped It Off

Hey fellas! Some of my friends know how frustrated I got with my natural curly hair. But to be fair, I do love my curls. It’s just that it’s gotten out of control and the weather in the Philippines is just not helping my hair (it got so dry). It consumes so much of my valuable time. I spend so much time combing my hair and I thought I can use that time to get a lot of things done, not just my hair. This haircut is a long time coming!

Back in 2017, I decided to chopped my hair off out of boredom. It was just for fun between me and my brother, but when all is done, I realized that there’s no going back. There were good and bad days during my tomboy haircut. It was so much easier to maintain, shower time cut short, I feel fresher all day. On the other hand, people keep mistaking me as a guy or maybe they just assumed I’m a tomboy and didn’t want to offend me by calling me ma’am; so they call me sir or bro instead. I just laugh at it anyway, so no big deal.

Me with my cousins and brother back in 2015.

After three years since the last chopped off, I let my hair grow and just let my curls be. I love my curls! It’s the first time I embraced it since I was a kid. You know, growing up, society and the people close to me tells me that curly isn’t beautiful, so I had my hair straightened every 6-12 months since I was 16 years old.

Yes, I do love my curls! But when you live in a tropical country and very lazy on doing a step-by-step care routine for your hair, it just doesn’t work. I always put my hair up during the day, which just makes my hair more dry than it already is.

It was different when I was in Taiwan back in December, and it was a lot colder there during that time because it was winter. On a normal day, I would usually put my hair up but that time, I didn’t. My hair looks lovely and full of volume, full of life. I realized that if I live in a colder place, I would let my curly hair grow and let it be. But for now, I’m just going to chop it off.

Filipina Curly Hair
My curly hair in its full glory. Taiwan 2019.

After so much thought and hesitation, I finally decided yesterday was the day I’m going to say bye to my long curly hair. And boy, it felt amazing! My head feels so much lighter now after cutting all that hair off.

I know it doesn’t look much of a work based on the photo, but in real life, trust me… it’s so much work and it’s frustrating. My shower time takes about an hour or more because I spend so much time on my hair and it frustrates my whole family because I took so long.

Now that my hair is short and straight again, my head feels a lot lighter. I even feel like I have no head at all. It’s that light! LOL

No after photo yet as I’m still taking in and enjoying my new do. You guys will see it soon. Trust me, nothing too crazy like the last time (even though I was so tempted to have a pixie cut). 😉

Your thoughts?