How did I become like this? I used to be a jolly person. I used to love life, I was a positive person and I used to laugh a lot; a geniune laugh that comes from the heart. I hate being alone with my thoughts now.

Sometimes I wonder how I made it this far when something inside me is eating me alive. It’s so hard to be lively around the people I love. Like nothing is going on, like everything is fine. But I do it anyway because I don’t want them to worry about me. I am surrounded by people I love and I know they love me too, but I feel really alone. I feel like I’m not valued, I’m not good enough.

It’s so hard to go on for days without talking to anyone about what’s eating me. I tried but they don’t get me. They always say “it’s all in your head” when it’s not. How do I make you people understand? I wish I can let you walk in my shoes and get a glimpse of my life. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll figure out why and how I become like this.

This is something I’m not proud of, but this is a part of me and I’m letting it out for the world to know. Writing has always been a good friend of mine, my escape from reality, my only therapy; that’s why I’m doing this.

Check on your loved ones. They are probably on the same boat as I am. Or maybe you are. *hugs*

Your thoughts?