Gingoog Escapade with Friends

Embarking on a trip with friends is an unpredictable voyage that each one of us must experience. We get to discover new things that may help us to ultimately progress our relationship with each other. This is a part of our lives that we must treasure until death because we only live once so we must make the best out of it!

So let me share with you, the trip we had.

It all happened yesterday. We’ve been planning this getaway for a long time and saving money since we started grade 12. We had this so called ‘daily due’ – which we pay 3 pesos per day except Friday, Saturday and Sunday (no classes). The saddest part on this journey was we we’re almost 15 when we started saving but only 5 of us made it to the trip.

Excuse our foreheads! HAHHAH

The trip was short but it is a very good one than any other trips I had. First, when we got there, we had no idea where to go but luckily, a small cab passed by and we got a free ride, we call it here ‘hitch’ (from the word hitchhiker). Second, we said the wrong destination, so we were dropped in the wrong destination. Third, we need to walk 5 km. because the place don’t have much motorcycle to reach the destination we want to go.

Others might think how unlucky our day was but for us we consider it a chance to see and appreciate the beauty of Libertad, Gingoog City. There we’re a lot of Falcata trees – a tree that is usually used for making papers, veneer, plywood and furniture. And we also got to see the plants and flowers we’ve never seen before.

But while walking,talking and laughing at the same time, a black car passed by and we shouted ‘HITCH!’ and thankfully we got a free ride (again) to Jinland! We we’re laughing like we’re about to eat a bunch of air until our stomach bloat because the driver himself don’t know where Jinland is (because he was new there too). While we enjoy the breeze of the air, we pass through Jinland LOL! (what a disaster).


We arrived at Jinland at exactly 12:30 pm.

Before we swim and take pictures we ate first hahaha ’cause we we’re starving after what happened! We need energy to enjoy the cold swimming pool. We spent about 2 hours enjoying the beauty of Jinland. So i’ts already 2:30 PM when we decided to move to the next destination.

When we’re done packing everything, we asked a woman who used to work there ‘how can we get to Tiklas Falls?’ then she said ‘You should wait outside, to fetch a cab’.

We we’re bored waiting outside, so again we decided to walk (another 5 km. huhuhu). And it was like a miracle! What happened earlier was repeated. Repeated to the point that the black car we rode last time was the same car we fetch this time HAHHAHA! What a beautiful disaster! LOAO! (Laughing Our Asses Off). And because of that we reached our second destination in no time!


Actually, we didn’t get the chance to swim here because it’s dangerous and has a depth of 35 ft. But thankfully, there’s a pool at the left side. At first, we we’re totally scared to swim in the pool because no one was there, just us, but when the caretaker comes, we felt safe so we enjoyed our time there.

This journey was tiring because we had to travel 3 to 4 hours back and forth. This is one of the challenges for myself and for Trisha because we both have motion sickness, but we won’t change a thing about this trip. We totally enjoyed it despite the challenges in ourselves and about the whole trip, really.

Maybe our getaway was simple but the things that matter the most are the notable memories that no one can take away from us. And another thing is that simplicity embarks not on what is seen by the naked eye, but dwelling on what is in the heart. I personally believe that travelling with your friends is the best way to travel because with them we’re more likely to make exciting memories! And most of all, we thank God for the safe trip and free rides hahha! 

I highly recommend the experience.

People walk away easily but they leave their memories with us forever.

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  1. I hope me and my friends can travel that far too. You’re right, journey with friends are full of excitement!

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