For My Hardworking Father

Strict, silent, scary… That’s usually people’s first impression of my father. Yes, he can be strict. He can be silent and scary at times too. But for me, he is always the calm and collected father that I know. My father doesn’t smile much that’s why people think he’s scary.

Even if he’s like that, I can’t imagine life without him.

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He is not the expressive type too, but when he thinks you need it, he’s going to speak up. It still catches me off guard sometimes, but it makes me appreciate him even more. I am the complete opposite of him when it comes to being expressive. I express myself the most in our family. But you know what, people always tell me I take after my father so much.

I know what that means. I look like my dad so much. But not only that… I know I got my dad’s brain. LOL. My dad also is a very responsible man, and I know I got that from him too.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.

My dad worked hard all his life to provide for himself when he was young and he worked so hard when he got his family of his own. I’ve never seen my dad sit idly and do nothing. He’s always out working. Whenever he’s at home, he doesn’t like it when he’s not doing anything.

But the thing is… despite him being the hard-working man that he is, he doesn’t have any savings or any retirement plan at all. He will be 54 years old this year.

His SSS is not regularly contributed. His past employer didn’t pay their employees the right benefits and whenever I think about that, I get angry. My dad worked there for years! Unfortunately, we don’t expect much from his SSS when the time comes.

I always try putting some contribution into his SSS from time to time, from my own pocket. He doesn’t know about it.

As the eldest daughter, I thought I should take the initiative to prepare for him. Because who would he expect to be there for him in the future? It will always be him and us (me and my siblings) against the world. We will always try our best to look after him. He took care of us, raised and guided us… so it’s now my turn to take care of him.

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Me and my dad are helping each other to raise and support my younger siblings. I’m always worried about him every single day that he goes to work, that’s why I want him to be protected. I got him an insurance policy, so he’s always protected. It somehow gave me a peace of mind since I got it.

By the way, my father knows about this policy. He signed the papers. 🙂

I know insurance is still frown upon in the Philippines, but I know it will be very useful when the time comes.

If your parents’ health is not protected financially, and you know they are not prepared for it in any way, take the initiative now. It will be a lot easier for you in the future. If they are still insurable, prepare for it now while they are still healthy.

Start funding it now. Trust me, it will be a lot expensive for you in the future if you didn’t prepare for it. Whether we like it or not, our parents are getting old, my friends. It’s better to be prepared.

2 thoughts on “For My Hardworking Father”

  1. I can’t agree much, you are so right about insurance, bunso! The sooner the better, get one while we are still able. I’m so impressed with young ones like you who are so open minded with life insurance. We all need this! Your father is so lucky to have you as a daughter! Keep it up, bunso 😉

  2. You have always been a responsible sister and daughter, Marie; such admirable act from a millenial like you!

    God is watching and He will reward you for looking after your family.

    You are on the right track in securing an insurance for your Papa; given that there is no universal healthcare in the Philippines.

    God speed all the way!

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