Celebrating the Small Wins

My dear friend from The Budget Tipster told me that small wins can mean so big, so today I am celebrating a small win with you all. 🙂

I know we are in a very tough time right now and it can be really hard to celebrate anything, or be happy about anything. But you know, I am just so tired to be in a dark place… I just want to look things from a better perspective, and just be positive about anything. That can really be hard for me sometimes, but I am trying my best.

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.
– Buddha

So my small win this week is being able to pay both mine and my dad’s insurance. Just few days ago, I was stressing out about my budget not being enough to cover both of our insurance, but it’s just really amazing how things worked out… I was able to pay our insurance and cover some other expenses as well.

Actually, the budget for this month’s insurance payment was already taken care of even before the policy’s due date, but due to unforeseen events; we ended up using that budget. I am just so glad it all worked out in the end for us, hence a small win. One less thing to worry about.

This small win made me so pumped for the coming month of August. I’m so motivated to just keep working on my progress and get things done.

What about you? What small win are you celebrating this week?

It is okay if you didn’t get the BIG win you were expecting. All progress comes from little tiny wins that gather momentum.

“5 little wins each day = 150 wins in one month = 1,800 wins in one year.”Robin Sharma

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Marie. I am so proud of your accomplishments. Knowing you from
    before, you have grown to be a person who truly knows what you want and knows where you are going.

    God speed all the way!

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