Breaking up with Coffee

If you know me, you probably know that I’ve said this many times and how I’ve failed many times. Hopefully I will succeed this time. Every time I try to break up with coffee, I have my reasons. My drinking coffee habit is emotionally-linked to my childhood memories. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a kid, with my grandmother.


My reason this time is because coffee doesn’t taste the same anymore. The after-taste is unpleasant and instead of staying awake after drinking coffee, I get sleepy instead. I feel bloated most of the time too and I suspect coffee is the culprit.

I drink coffee two to three times a day. I end up really tired most of the time and my chest hurts a lot too.

I’m going to try the cold turkey method. With this method, I’m going to simply stop consuming caffeine all at once. This can be the fastest way to detox, but I know it does come with a price and huge shock to my system.

I tried the weaning method before, but it wasn’t successful. The weaning method is gradually reducing the amount of caffeine you consume daily instead of quitting all at once.

Have you tried quitting coffee before? How was it? Can you share some tips?

Your thoughts?