All Walks of Life

I like taking random photos everywhere I go and make something out of those photos. That’s how I started blogging years ago. Take random photos whenever and wherever I go and try make a decent post out of it.

This photo was taken 4th of March 2018, onboard of St. Michael The Great vessel bound to Manila from Nasipit.

I was on my bed, thinking of the time I still have to wait to get to Manila and got bored. So I decided to get my camera and went up to the viewing deck and take random photos of anything and anyone. There was a lot of people out there. I guess their rooms was cold (mine was too) that they decided to go out and enjoy the view of the endless ocean, islands, and birds.

I picked this photo because it shows people from all walks of life with different stories to tell. It would be interesting to interview each one of them. Yes, HONY (Humans of New York) style, but we all know I don’t have the confidence to do that.

Your thoughts?