Hi! I’m Eds, a writer wannabe from the Philippines.

Please bear with me a little because I am not really keen about introducing myself. So I’ll try my best.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been a blogger since I was sixteen years old. I’ve had multiple blogs and was really enjoying it, plus the freebies that comes with it. But few years later, the interest to blog was gone. I was MIA (missing in action) since late of 2015. I was lifestyle and travel blogger.

Just recently, I find myself writing long statuses (dramas) on Facebook and thought “this could be a blog post”. So I decided to give blogging a try again and here I am!

This time, I’ll be blogging about anything under the sun. Food, travels, life, dramas, finances, tips, and etc.

I hope you’ll enjoy my new blog. I am so glad you’re here.