5 Victoria’s Secret Angels I Love and The Reasons Why

All Victoria’s Secret Angels are really stunning and gorgeous in their own ways, but there are some girls who caught my attention when they walk in runways with their glamorous attires.

Miranda Kerr

I love her, maybe because of her pretty smile (with dimples) that can attract everyone’s attention. She’s getting hotter and hotter each shows and also she’s not just a supermodel but also a mom, entrepreneur, and an author –which makes me love her more. She’s aging gracefully. Having those kind of profession isn’t an easy task to do and despite of her ‘busyness’ she was able to maintain the nice and sexy body she have. How can I not love such an attractive woman?  😉

Candice Swanepoel 

I’ve been observing her lately and I can’t resist to adore her beauty – she have a different charisma on stage. For me, i’ts like she owned the runway for good! She set’s it on fire and knows exactly how to have a good time! (same as these 5 angels).

In addition to being one of today’s most successful and sought-after models, Candice is also a proud mama to an adorable little boy, plus she’s one smart Angel! Did you know she’s fluent in three languages (English, Afrikaans and Portuguese)? Yup, she is full of surprises!

And because of that I’ve been unable to take my eyes off of her.

Barbara Palvin

She’s quite short for a model (5’7) because the vast majority  of models are around 5’10, with a few being slightly shorter and a few being slightly taller. But it doesn’t changed the fact the she deserves to be one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Barbara Palvin has such a unique, breathtaking look that she managed to circumvent the height requirements of modeling a little bit – she obviously made it work, and she knows how to rock her angles and elongate her legs when necessary. She has this sassy but classy characteristics during runways which same goes to other models as well.

She got perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips. No wonder I can’t help but describe her as perfect, because she looks perfect! I know there are many beautiful models out there but one of the main reasons why I love her is because she captivates my attention.

Taylor Marie Hill

The supermodel who’s about to take over my beauty world and Instagram account – she posted flawless pictures of her that has a strong message of beauty acceptance, of skin acceptance, of embracing you – “imperfections” and all. She’s one of the youngest member but that doesn’t changed a thing about her being a model, because she also knows how to handle a runway just like the elders do. Actually, I’ve known Taylor because of my friend – who’s a big fan of her. What I like the most about her is that she also captivates my attention – by the way she smile and gaze, i’ts like she was once a goddess that has the ability to make you fall in love just by looking at her.

Romee Strijd

She’s one of my favorite as you can see, maybe because she showcase her real personality on the runway with a lots of fun –without minding what she wears. I love her blonde hair that suits her face perfectly! And also her lips is lovely especially when she does the flying kiss that can melt men’s heart.

Actually, I love all the Victoria Secret Angel’s especially when they wear the attires that suits them well but they are so many so I have to choose at least five to be featured. But it doesn’t mean that the ones that are in this list are the best among the rest, I even had a hard time choosing this five!

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. This is the Ace of the Victoria’s Secret Angels that made them stand out no matter what they do. So if you wanna be one of them you must know how to value your own beauty while building your self-confidence.

Always remember this, every girl have her own kind of beauty. Beauty does not literally come from our physical appearance, but the inside too. Because no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.

Are you wondering why I choose to make a blog about them? If you already read my first blog, then you know why HAHHAHA! If you haven’t read it yet, feel free to read it. 🙂

Are you a fan of Victoria’s Secret Angels too? If you are, we’re going to be a great friends!

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  1. I love Barbara too! I really like her when she wears red lipstick! She’s so hot!
    I guess red is the best color for her. I’ve been watching their shows online, they nailed it! As always! hahahha

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