5 Tips to Feel Refreshed During a Hot Day

During the summer, Mother Nature makes a mark with a special mix of hazy, hot and humid conditions. So it’s late afternoon in mid-May and the temperature has just climbed from 31 to 41 degrees Celsius and you’re melting. Like actually melting. Into a puddle. On the floor. Your window is rattling away in the corner but somehow, the room keeps getting hotter and hotter.

We live in a tropical country where hot days and heatwaves can stress our bodies. Here’s how to stay cool and hydrated.

1. Drink or Eat Plenty of Fluids

Increase your fluid intake, regardless of your activity level.

One of the most ideal approaches to keep away from heat-related illness is to drink a lot of water or eat watery fruits and vegetables.

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It’s important to continue drinking water regardless of whether you don’t feel thirsty, because this can prevent you from becoming dehydrated. Try not to drink drinks that contain liquor, hot or sugary beverages (including tea and espresso) because these can make dehydration worse. Likewise maintain a strategic distance from extremely cold drinks, since they can cause stomach cramps.

During heavy exercise in a hot environment, drink two to four glasses (16-32 ounces) of cool liquids every hour.

Caution: If your specialist/doctor generally limits the amount of fluid you drink or has you on water pills, ask how much you should drink while the weather is hot.

Dehydration – occurs when the body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions.

2. Wear Appropriate Clothing and Sunscreen

Wear as comfortable and fresh clothing as possible when you are at home.

Sunburn influences your body’s capacity to cool itself and causes loss of body fluids. It additionally causes pain and harms the skin. In an event that you should go outside, shield yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed cap (additionally keeps you cooler) alongside shades, and by putting on sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.

3. Adjust to the Environment

Be aware that any abrupt change in temperature, for example, an early summer heat wave, will be upsetting and stressful to your body. That’s why you should limit your physical activity until your body become familiar/accustomed with the heat.

4. Stay Cool Indoors

You can help keep your house cool by shutting curtains and blinds during the day. Open windows and doors as possible. Stay in an air-conditioned place such as at cinema, library, grocery store or shopping center and at
your house if have one. If you haven’t use an electric fan – it may provide comfort for the time being.

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5. Take a Good Shower or Bath or Go for a Swim

If you’re too hot, dive into the nearest body of water such as lake, ocean, public pool and etc. and don’t forget to wear appropriate attire (rash guards) and apply sunscreen lotion or anything that can protect your skin from the sun’s heat. 

Take good care of your health because it is our assets.



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