Tuesday, January 25, 2022

December 2021 Photo Diary

Happy New Year! I was able to go home to my family in the province for the holidays and I never actually got round to writing about it. I thought I'd post some of the photos here!


View from our hotel room.

I arrived in Bancasi Airport in Butuan City on December 13th, at around 3:00 PM. So glad the rain stopped as soon as we landed. 

My brother picked me up from the airport and we decided to stay for a night in Butuan because I was already exhausted and we still have to travel 6 hours on a bus to get home. We stayed at Almont City Hotel.

First Dinner Together.

We arrived home at around 6:00 PM the next day and had our first dinner together after a year of me being away from them. By the way, my best friend tagged along with me. I can see how happy my father was that we were complete again. He mentioned how the noise and chaos made him really happy.

Overnight Beach Trip.

This is my family's first overnight beach trip together and I am so happy that I was able to give them this experience and we made memories together. I'm so happy that they all enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.

Turned 28.

You see, December is such an eventful month. Aside from the holidays, it is also my birth month. I turned 28th and spent my birthday at the beach with my family and some college friends. It was a very simple celebration but made my heart really happy. I am so thankful for everything. ❤

New Year 2022.

This is the first time me and my family agreed to have some kind of concept. We decided to wear green in welcoming the new year, because it is believed that green is the lucky color of Year 2022.

I stayed with my family for a month and for the whole month that I was home, I felt my family's love for me more than ever. I felt that they really missed me as much as I missed them. I noticed how my younger siblings have matured. I can't help but get emotional whenever I think of them now all grown up and how they might need me less now to guide them in what they do, but I am so proud of them. Gosh, I sound like a mother! 😅

I can't wait to go home again. 

For now, I just have to work really hard and save up for my next vacation. 


  1. Awww! Super happy ako nung nakita kitang umuwi. You really needed and deserve it.