Wednesday, November 10, 2021

My Braces Journey Starts Now

On November 3, 2021, I finally got my upper braces installed. It took me a while to decide on getting my dental braces. I actually wanted to do this years ago, but the cost always stops me from doing so and honestly, I was apprehensive about the discomfort it will cause me.

Some of you know that I am the breadwinner of the family. I can't just think of myself, really. I have to consider a lot of things.

It wasn't on my plan to actually have it within this year. But, with the encouragement of my family and some really close friends, I gave in.

"Do something for yourself this time. You deserve it."

"You gave us everything we need and more, now do the same thing for yourself.

Day 1 of having braces

Good thing that one of the nearest dental clinics where I live is having a promo, so I thought it's a sign for me to finally grab it. And so I did! 

I've always been insecure about my teeth. If some of you noticed, I usually smile with my mouth closed in most of my previous photos. It's very rare for me to smile widely.

I'm telling you, when I got my braces, I feel like my confidence was boosted. I can't stop smiling, even though I'm wearing mask most of the time. I was just so happy that finally, I did something for myself. And I wouldn't lie... I feel prettier. LOL 😂

I thought to myself that this will be an investment, that with this, I will continue to improve myself, work on my confidence and grow my network. I will face clients with a genuine smile, not the half smile that I always do because I was trying not to show my teeth.

After the upper braces was installed, I didn't feel any pain like most people say within the first couple of hours. It just felt weird having some metal in my mouth. Hours later, it started to feel sensitive... and when I drink water, I would spill it. My teeth were just really sensitive, but nothing too painful. It continued to be like that for a couple of days, and now I can say that I have adjusted to it.

The lower braces will be installed after a month (during my upper teeth's first adjustment). I'm excited an nervous about that, because I know both upper and lower teeth will be sensitive or painful. I might be on soft diet after that for a few days until I can get used to having metals on both upper and lower teeth.

Anyway, about the braces promo that I availed was:

  • PHP 4,000 down payment - metal braces.  PHP 5,500 down payment for ceramic braces.
  • PHP 1,000 per month (every adjustment).
I chose the metal braces and it comes with the following:
  • Free panoramic x-ray.
  • Free cleaning before and every 6th adjustment.
  • Free diagnostic pictures.
  • Free ortho kit. 
If you already have a panoramic x-ray, you can get 500 pesos less on the down payment. 

Same day installation is possible. 

As for me, before the upper braces was installed, some fillings were done. So I had to pay for that (of course) on top of the 4,000 pesos down payment. 

If you are planning to get braces and looking for a dental clinic, and you live around Quezon City area, message me on my Facebook page, and I can link you up with my dentist.  😁

Will try to document my dental braces journey as much as I can. 

Thank you for reading! 😇