Saturday, November 13, 2021

Antigen Swab Test Experience at Blue Edge Medical in Fairview, Quezon City

I mentioned in my previous post that my sister is going home to our province, and during this time of pandemic, traveling (both internationally and domestically) has become quite a challenge with a lot of requirements compared to how traveling was pre-COVID days.

She's going home via 2Go sea travel because she's taking a lot of things with her, and it's just not practical to pay hundreds to thousands of pesos for the baggage fee if she goes by plane, which only have free 7 kilograms of hand-carry baggage and have to pay at least 400-ish pesos for a 20 kilograms check-in baggage (and more for 32 and 40 kilograms). While with sea travel, a passenger have a maximum weight allowance of 50 kilograms. With dimensions of no more than 20 inches height and 30 inches in width per piece.

My sister is only 16 years old and still unvaccinated against COVID-19. The requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are different. Better to check with the airline, bus or ship, and with your LGU for the requirements.

Since she's still unvaccinated, here are the requirements from 2Go that we have to comply as a returning resident:
  • Any government-issued ID/passport. She's still a student and don't have a government-issued ID, so we only have her student ID instead. 
  • Negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test result. Test should be done within 5 days from the date of intended travel.
  • Travel Coordination Permit through S-Pass System. Have to coordinate with the LGU of your destination.
Set of requirements might be different depending on your destination and mode of transportation.

I will share with you how we got the Travel Coordination Permit through S-Pass on the next post. For now, let's focus with the negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test first.

I was looking on Facebook for a near clinic that does swab test for affordable price and that's when I saw a post of Blue Edge Medical Fairview. I actually saw them last September when my cousin asked me for help on where to have RT-PCR test for her trip to New York and that's where she went.

Blue Edge Medical Fairview - November 2021 Rates

Yesterday, November 12, 2021, I took my sister to Blue Edge Medical Fairview for her Antigen Swab test. You don't need to set an appointment and walk-ins are allowed. 

Side story: I wasn't able to withdraw money from an ATM machine near my place, it said invalid transaction a few times that I tried. Weird.

With that, I contacted the clinic through their Facebook page and asked if they accept GCash payments since I don't have cash with me, to which they replied right away and said yes, they do accept GCash. Great! Gotta love the convenience of cashless transactions!

We arrived at the clinic at around 10:20 AM, no one else was there, except us and the staffs.

I had to fill-out a form for my sister and I was told that the result will be sent via e-mail after 30 minutes to 1 hour, and it comes with a QR code. After filling out the form and paid for the test by scanning their GCash QR code, my sister was called in for the nasopharyngeal swab. Everything was very quick! We didn't stay at the clinic for more than 10 minutes.

I asked my sister how it was and if it hurts. She said it didn't hurt but was ticklish and a bit uncomfortable.

We then left and went to the mall to have our early lunch. At around 10:47 AM, I received the e-mail of her test result and it was negative! So fast, right?! We got the result in less than 30 minutes. I was so amazed!

Verdict: 5 out of 5! 🎉

They are responsive on Facebook about my questions. The place was neat and organized. The staffs were accommodating, and the whole process was smooth.

If you live around or near Fairview in Quezon City, I can really recommend Blue Edge Medical for your RT-PCR or Antigen test needs. 

You may contact them directly on their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Blue Edge Medical Fairview by any means. I am just so happy with our experience and would like to share it to help you if you are looking for a place to get your tests done. 


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