Saturday, November 27, 2021

Do Your Thing With ING Philippines

I remember downloading the ING app December of last year and I applied to open an account with them online, using my phone. Luckily enough, I got approved. But I didn't really started using it until recently, when I had a new savings goal.

Anyway, I am sharing this with you because I just received my debit card from ING Philippines. I got it totally free and I didn't even have to pay for the delivery fee. So amazing! 

Applying for an ING account is pretty easy and very hassle-free.

I remember applying for my ING account last year, just few days before I left for Manila. And just like what I mentioned above, I didn't really started using it right away. I had the app on my phone for months, but didn't really open it. Not until I had this new savings goal... 

So, according to their website, ING is a global bank with presence in more than 40 countries, serving more than 38.4 million customers worldwide. It is globally known as a pioneer in branchless banking and have been operating in the Philippines since 1990.

I have to be honest, I didn't really know about ING until late last year. I didn't know they've been around for that long.

Despite not knowing much about ING at first, being the risk-taker that I am, I gave it a try. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Difference a Year Can Make

Well, it's been almost a year since I moved away from home. Almost a year of being away from my family, almost a year of living alone, almost a year away from my comfort zone and everything that I know about. Almost a year of improving and getting to know myself more. 

There are days that I love it so much and then there are days that I hate the crippling loneliness that comes with it. All part of the journey, right? 😁

This is actually not my first time to move away from home and live on my own, but this time it's different. The first time I had to move away is because of a completely different reason... This time, there's no fear and anger inside me. This time, it is so much better.

Hello, Metro Manila!
So, why did I move this time? 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Breadwinner's Tale of Struggles: The Calm After the Storm


It's not a secret to everyone how I became my family's breadwinner at such a young age. It wasn't easy and it took a toll on my mental health. After many years of manipulation, toxicity, and struggles; I finally had the courage to break the chains that bounded me.

Mrs. Money Mindset of Your Money Mindset Facebook page invited me to share my journey... childhood trauma experiences, sacrifices of being the breadwinner, and how I ended up cutting ties with my own mother. 

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Antigen Swab Test Experience at Blue Edge Medical in Fairview, Quezon City

I mentioned in my previous post that my sister is going home to our province, and during this time of pandemic, traveling (both internationally and domestically) has become quite a challenge with a lot of requirements compared to how traveling was pre-COVID days.

She's going home via 2Go sea travel because she's taking a lot of things with her, and it's just not practical to pay hundreds to thousands of pesos for the baggage fee if she goes by plane, which only have free 7 kilograms of hand-carry baggage and have to pay at least 400-ish pesos for a 20 kilograms check-in baggage (and more for 32 and 40 kilograms). While with sea travel, a passenger have a maximum weight allowance of 50 kilograms. With dimensions of no more than 20 inches height and 30 inches in width per piece.

My sister is only 16 years old and still unvaccinated against COVID-19. The requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are different. Better to check with the airline, bus or ship, and with your LGU for the requirements.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Thankful Thursday | Life in The Metro


Back in the day when I was really active in blogging, we have this group of bloggers who does a gratitude post every week and call it Thankful Thursday. I have forgotten about it, but was reminded again about writing the things I am thankful for by Mrs. Budget Tipster a.k.a Mrs. Money Mindset (on Facebook) from their blog, The Budget Tipster.

I know sometimes it is hard to appreciate things with all that we have going on in our lives, especially now. But it is a good practice to write down the things you are thankful for. 

It's been an extremely tough week for me, but here are the things I am thankful for this week...

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

My Braces Journey Starts Now

On November 3, 2021, I finally got my upper braces installed. It took me a while to decide on getting my dental braces. I actually wanted to do this years ago, but the cost always stops me from doing so and honestly, I was apprehensive about the discomfort it will cause me.

Some of you know that I am the breadwinner of the family. I can't just think of myself, really. I have to consider a lot of things.

It wasn't on my plan to actually have it within this year. But, with the encouragement of my family and some really close friends, I gave in.

"Do something for yourself this time. You deserve it."

"You gave us everything we need and more, now do the same thing for yourself.

Day 1 of having braces

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

This Time of the Year

Hey friends! 

Guess who's back in blogosphere? 

Yep! You got that right... It's me! 😁

I don't know why, but I seem to start or resume to blogging this time of the year... around November to December-ish. I can't think of any significant meaning about it, except that December is my birth month. But today is still November, so I don't know really. 😅

Anyway... I'm here again to start writing my thoughts about anything. It's been therapeutic for me in the past years. I guess I hit a wall last year when I decided to stop and I also couldn't keep my blog hosting afloat as it cost too much for me at that time. That's why right now, I am using free hosting from Blogger (Google) so I don't have to worry about that and will just have to pay for my domain, annually. 

A lot has happened these past few months. Thankful that I'm still here despite the pandemic that we are all facing right now. I hope you are all well and sending virtual hugs to those who lost a loved one, currently battling COVID-19 right now, depression, anxiety, etc. Praying for healing to all of you/us. 🙏🏻

I will try to keep this blog updated as much as I can. Writing has always been something that I can always turn to, even though I know I'm not that good at it. 

In this blog, I will be writing about my life, my adventures, food, feelings, travels, finances, and anything I can think of. It's my free space.