13 Reasons Why You Should Love BlackPink

The biggest K-Pop girl group in the world today has come back with the bop of the year, Kill This Love. It was premiered April 4, 2019, by the moment it was aired we can prove that they deserve the title they have today.

As a BLINK (their fandom name), just by looking at them, I can conclude that they looked like a living glamorous princesses. Why do people love BlackPink? I asked myself why too, that’s why I came up with these 13 Reasons Why You Should Love Blackpink.


  1. BREATH-TAKING BEAUTY – they are all VISUALS! Look at them. This group visuals are no joke! They have different beauties that made them one. They have the beauty that can capture not just men but women’s heart too.
  2. LOVE – BLINKS not only love BLACKPINK, but BLACKPINK loves their BLINKS and are always thankful for their all out support from the very beginning.
  3. AEGYO – they truly have it! It is a cute display of affection and behaving in a flirtatious way.
  4. CHARISMATIC – they became a real different person on stage – when they are performing. Their gazes are like arrows that aims directly to our hearts. Stage presence? It’s their real deal!
  5. KNOWLEDGEABLE – they just don’t have beauty but brains too. Each members has it’s own ability in showing how witty they are especially in languages (they are multi-lingual).
  6. PECULIAR – they have their own sense of fashion! I mean not just fashion but also their way of performing or their genres of songs and synchronized dances – sometimes girly with fierce looks, snappy with aegyo, girl crush and hip hop concept! This uniqueness are one of the aces why they succeed or in other words their differences made them special.
  7. IMPRESSIVE – especially their hair (colors & styles), make-ups and wardrobe. They always wears the chicest and latest fashionable trend pieces, which makes me think ‘are they really humans?! Let’s simply call them ‘THE FASHION ICONS’. And also their talents – they have been training for so many years already and now their skills are superb when it comes to singing, dancing and rapping (for Jennie and Lisa).
  8. NATURAL – they showcase their real selves on and off stage.
  9. KNOWN – they are famous because of the qualities they have and most of all because of their efforts in pursuing their dreams.  And Kind-Hearted – I’ll let you all find this out yourselves ’cause to see is to believe.

Each of the four members are unique and are given roles specific to their skill sets.

10. BlackPink has Lisa – the main dancer and lead rapper.

11. BlackPink has Rosé – the main vocalist and lead dancer.

12. BlackPink has Jennie – the main rapper (and a powerful vocalist).

13. BlackPink has Jisoo – the visual and lead vocalist.

They’re literally history makers – the first ever K-pop group who performed at Coachella – the world renowned music festival. With their catchy lyrics, powerful performances, stage presence, and jaw dropping style, BlackPink has definitely got a hold on us especially on me because they are the only K-pop group I stan.

“But apart from these major qualities, by searching up on them, you will find out that no matter how fierce they look on stage, they are still just a bunch of cute girls improving day by day, living their dream.”

So come on! Be a BLINK!

3 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why You Should Love BlackPink”

  1. They are not just like that. They were also professional models! I really love them too!
    Jennie’s cat eye and choice of clothes.
    Lisa’s Dance moves and cute personality.

  2. And also
    Rosé’s golden voice and a good eater!
    Jisoo’s beautiful face and her 4D personality!

    They won’t be called BlackPink if another member is missing right? so SAME GOES to blinks out there!

Your thoughts?