10 Things That Scares Me The Most

In life, we all go through moments that are either good or bad and the end result of those moments can really define who we are as a person. And as a person, we have our own weaknesses or the things that we can’t easily recover if that certain thing happened. It’s like our minds keep reminding us ‘we should forget it’ but our hearts always remember it.

  • Earthquakes – These destroy everything – literally wipe out animals, people, and towns. That’s why really afraid of this natural phenomenon. Everyday I seemed to feel it – when I’m walking, just sitting or chilling. Every time someone shouts ‘linog!’ (earthquake!) my heartbeats fast and I start to panic. It’s like I’m getting paranoid. It really sucks.
  • Thunder and Lightning – we all know that light travels faster than sound so when lightning strikes I’m covering my ears. I’m scared of thunder and lightning when I’m alone especially at midnight.
  • War – is one of the scariest and most awful things ever. People die in brutal ways. This should be first… isn’t War what causes so many deaths in this current world? I believe it must be the most hurtful, most unfair and scariest way to die and live.Millions of people die over dramatic reasons. And it won’t just affect the surroundings but also to the people living in the war-zone imagine how traumatized they are. Mental healing takes time.

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  • Teeth Falling Out Dreams – according to the Philippine folklore this dreams signifies bad happenings such as death of the people you know especially your loved ones. I even had dreams like this either you believe it or not something bad just happened like I lost my dad 4 years ago. That’s why I totally get scared when dreams like this occur again. And another thing, just like how important teeth is to our lives dreaming about it falling i’ts like pulling out the important people around you, slowly.

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  • Hearing Voices – The feeling when you are home alone, but you hear somebody calling your name or just somebody talking. Just like what happened when one of our neighbors visit the house of my cousin and started calling the name of their grandma and then someone just answered at the kitchen and by the time when our neighbor walks in, no one was there. It’s so creepy!

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  • Having People Hate You – ‘just what the heck is your problem?’my thoughts when I know someone just hate me for no reason. But sometimes I don’t care if people hate me. They can hate me all they want, but I always know I’m better than them. But at the same time it reminds me of this: humans are social creatures, we are not equipped to survive alone. Laws are meant to protect the individual but they are implemented by people. What if people hated you so much that they stopped thinking of you as human and not only refused to help you in any way but they felt justified in doing anything they liked to you? Isn’t terrifying?
  • Reptiles and Arachnids – I am totally terrified just by seeing one. Just by seeing! What if something like that come near me or worst bit me! What a disaster!

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  • Sleep Paralysis – This is absolutely terrifying.I rarely get it waking up from a nightmare, so I’m lying there half still in my nightmare and trying to get out, but I can’t move and see shadows next to me. Yeah, it’s totally scary. I don’t want something like his happen to me again!
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  • Fear – Everyone is afraid of fear it’s like the saying, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”
  • Death – Everyone is scared of death. The end of your life is terrifying to conceive. One of the worlds biggest mystery. What could come after? Is it the end, or is there something beyond? What is it like after death? Darkness? Spending the rest of your life as a ghost? Maybe being reborn in a different world? Are you reincarnated? Do you not feel anything? You can only find out when you die. But you won’t be able to tell anyone what it is after death. I know it’s coming, but what scares me is not knowing when because it can be in like 5 sec or 18 years, but when it comes I’ll great death like an old friend ’cause my alter ego says: the greatest fear of death is the fear itself when we’ve got no idea what’s going to happen to us after we die. In my opinion, its less scary than seeing the death of our dearest ones. As Jim Elliot said, living an ordinary life while claiming to know an extraordinary God. That settle’s it!

In other words, fear is a bully. It tells you what to do, and when you obey it, it gains power. Dr. Susan Jeffers, recommends us to think through the outcome that makes you most afraid of, so that you can then consider how you would deal with it, when it’s going to happen. 

All we need to do is to have a strong mind that can totally overcome it and continue to deal with it because fear doesn’t ever really go away, nor should it. But confronting it is the way to move forward.

Your thoughts?